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Chuck Liddell Net Worth. Meet his Wife Heidi Northcott.

Photo of former MMA fighter, Chuck Liddell.

Charles David Liddell is a retired professional mixed martial artist (MMA) from California, USA. Liddell has an impressive array of skills ranging from Kickboxing, Karate, Kenpo, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The extensive grasp of these skills has enabled him to maintain an impressive winning streak. Incredibly, Chuck has lost zero matches in Kickboxing and has only had nine losses in his MMA fights.

Chuck Liddell’s determination and passion did not go unacknowledged as he has been awarded a plethora of awards, such as appearing in the Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame and being named the Fighter of the Year in 2006. Know Chuck Liddell Net Worth. Facts about his marriage with wife Heidi Northcott.

Who is Chuck Liddell?

Charles David Liddell was born on December 17th, 1969. He is a former fighter from Saint Barbara with traces of Russian heritage. Chuck was introduced to the world of boxing at a young age.

By the time he was twelve years old, Chuck was mastering the art of Koeikan karate.


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While in high school, Chuck decided to diversify his skills and invested in wrestling. Unsurprisingly, he excelled in this field.

Educational background.

In 1995, Chuck graduated from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo with a Business/Accounting degree. Instead of pursuing this career path, Chuck opted to follow his passion for mixed martial arts.

Chuck Liddell’s Career Info.

In 1998, Liddell had his first match. He faced Noe Hernandez during the UFC 17 in Mobile, Alabama. Chuck won the match via a decision victory. A while after, Liddell was set up against a formidable Brazilian fighter, Jose Landi-Johns, aka Pele.

Once again, Chuck won the bare-knuckle match through his remarkable tactics. From then on, Liddell became a household name as he dominated match after match.

He went up against renowned fighters like Jeff Monson, Renato Sobral, Tito Ortiz, Amar Suloev, and Kevin Randleman. In 2002, Chuck was tagged as the No 1 contender for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

On April 2nd, 2004, Las Vegas was graced with an unforgettable match. Chuck was contending for the light heavyweight title with a worthy opponent, Tito Ortiz. Tito, at the time, was the former champion.

After being taunted by his opponent, Chuck unleashed a colossal of punches that eventually led to his victory. Ortiz did not take the loss lightly, and since then, the two fighters have been known to have bad blood.

Reality TV.

In 2005, Chuck elevated his career further by joining the ‘Ultimate FighterSpike TV’s reality show. His job description entailed coaching fighters who had a chance of securing a contract with UFC.

The show had another coach, Randy Couture, who had won a match against Chuck a while back. The winners of the show were both prodigies of Liddell. Soon after the show, Chuck and Couture fought for the light heavyweight title again. Liddell emerged as the winner.

In 2006. Liddell faced Couture for the third time. With his title at stake, “The Iceman” (Chuck’s moniker) had to up his game. Chuck knocked Randy out cold, defeating his opponent for the second time. It was after this fight that he initially announced his plans of retiring.

In 2006, Liddell went on to face his nemesis, Tito Ortiz. This, according to UFC history, was the most financially successful UFC match during that time. The match was a close call, with both fighters putting their exceptional abilities to the test. Liddell won but not without suffering major injuries.

Liddell’s last fight was against Tito Ortiz, which he came out of retirement for. After losing this match, Liddell announced his second retirement.

Chuck achieved a milestone by being the first UFC fighter to participate in Pride. Here, he won a kickboxing match against Guy Mezger. Fans will forever recall watching Liddell knock Mezger unconscious.

Apart from this admirable achievement, Chuck has been attributed to having assisted MMA’s mainstreaming in American sports and entertainment. One of his biggest highlights occurred in 2009 where he was inducted into the UFC hall of fame.

‘The Iceman’ will go down in UFC history as one of the world’s best fighters.

Chuck Liddell’s Net Worth.

Charles David Liddell is one of the wealthiest MMA fighters across the globe. At the beginning of his career, Chuck reportedly earned a mere $1000 per match. Eventually, he began earning $500,000 from every fight, no matter the results.

Liddell owns a grandeur house worth a whopping $1.3 million in his hometown Santa Barbara, California. This is only but one of his properties.

Photo of Chuck Liddell standing near his BMW 760Li.

Chuck Liddell with his BMW 760Li.

Apart from his flashy homes, Chuck owns a remarkable collection of cars. They include; a Ferrari 430 (valued at $186,925) and a 2013 BMW 760 Li., a 1988 Ford Ranger, and a 2005 Hummer H2.

Chuck is the chief brand ambassador of Bellator MMA. This lush endorsement was arranged by the CEO of the company, Scott Coker.

Currently, Chuck Liddell’s net worth is $14 million.

He is married to his wife, Heidi Northcott.

Heidi and Chuck’s romance was kindled through a mutual friend who invited them to a party. After their first meeting in 2009, the couple decided to keep seeing each other and eventually got into a romantic relationship.

Photo of Chuck Liddell and his Wife, Heidi Northcott.

Photo of Chuck Liddell with his wife, Heidi Northcott.

After one year of courtship, the two decided that a more permanent relationship was in order. Their wedding was an auspicious occasion celebrated by many.

In 2011, Heidi Northcott gave birth to their first child, Guinevere Liddell. In 2013, Heidi was blessed once again with their second child Charles David Liddell Jr.

Heidi is the mother of four children. Aside from her biological kids, Northcott has two stepchildren, namely, Trista and Cade.

Photo of Chuck Liddell and his family.

Chuck Liddell with his wife, Heidi Northcott, and family.

Chuck and his wife, Heidi Northcott, has been together for over a decade. The two are famously known for their REEBOK shoe commercial that aired in 2010.

Both Heidi and Chuck appeared in the advertisement completely nude apart from their REEBOK shoes. This scandal received a lot of backlash from netizens and gained the couple further popularity.

Chuck Liddell’s Wife, Heidi, is a Professional Poker player.

Heidi Northcott is widely known as a professional poker player from California, USA. She was born on January 15th, 1980.

In 1997, Heidi graduated from Marina Highschool, and in 2001, she obtained her degree in Management Information Systems and Natural Science.

After graduating from university, Chuck’s wife Heidi began working for a company called High Traffic Media.

Through determination and hard work, she soon scaled through the ranks and became the company’s Vice President.

Photo of wife of Chuck Liddell, Heidi Northcott.

Wife of Chuck Liddell, Heidi Northcott.

Chuck Liddell’s wife, Heidi Northcott, is a woman full of surprises. She interestingly decided to learn four languages, namely French, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Heidi is also outdoorsy and loves to explore nature.

Apart from being multi-lingual and an adventurer, Heidi has a knack for poker. Her skills in the game were so good that she winded up being compared to some of the world’s best poker players. Heidi attends poker events and participates in poker games professionally.

She has won up to $500 from the games she has taken part in. Heidi has been spotted in red-carped events in the company of her husband.

Chuck’s wife Heidi Northcott’s interest in poker is reported to have stemmed from Jose Canseco. Jose is a baseball player and a poker expert; thus, it did not surprise that Heidi picked up the art while the two were dating.

Photo of Heidi Northcott and her ex-boyfriend, Jose Canseco.

Heidi Northcott with her ex-boyfriend, Jose Canseco.

Chuck and wife, Heidi Northcott, were seen at an overnight poker tournament in the summer of 2007.

Clearly, these two are devout fans of the game. Northcott stepped into the spotlight when she got married to Chuck Liddell.

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