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Dana White Wife Anne White Wiki and Facts You Didn’t Know.

Photo of Dana White.

Dana White is an American businessman best known for being the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The man appears to be an entrepreneurial genius as he has achieved immense success in the corporate world. Other than his success in his professional career, Dana has also has had a successful marital life with his long-time wife, Anne White.

When he became president, all that UFC had at the time was the name itself and a washed-up Octagon.

His yearning for success has put the enterprise at the forefront as the leading MMA establishment globally. In 2015, the company was worth $600 million.

Dana’s wife is Anne White. This review is about the stunning wife of the face of UFC.

Photo of UFC president, Dana White.

Dana White

Who is Dana White’s wife, Anne White?

Dana White is a constant figure in the public eye, yet his personal life remains an enigma despite this.

Anne White, Dana’s wife, is a mystery, and if it were not for the occasional photos at photoshoots and citing at events, her existence would be questioned.

Anne reportedly went to the same middle school as her husband, which is where the two met.

Not much is known about her childhood or her family, or even her career, for that matter. All the public knows is that Anne is a supportive wife to her famous husband.

Age and D.O.B.

Anne White was born on 16th January 1969. Dana White’s wife turned 52 years old at the beginning of the year. Fascinatingly, Anne was born on the same day as the late sensational singer Aaliyah.

Net Worth.

Anne White shares her husband’s wealth, which is currently $500 million. She is, therefore, able to live a lavish life.

For her son’s birthday, Dana organized snazzy events that cost him millions to put together. Kendrick Lamar was the main entertainer for Aidan’s birthday party.

Her Relationship with Dana White.

Photo of Dana White and his wife, Dana White.

Dana White’s wife, Anne Louise Stella

Anne Louise Stella and Dana White were pronounced husband and wife in 1996. The couple has three children, namely Dana III, Aidan, and Savannah.

The family is hardly sighted in public as Dana prefers keeping everything about his personal life quiet.

White’s sons seem to have inherited their father’s passion for combat sports as they both have indulged in Muay Thai training.

The second-born, Aidan, has had success as an amateur boxer having won his first match in 2018. Their family currently resides in Las Vegas.

Anne White is a Forgiving Wife.

Dana has, however, been reported to have sexually related scandals in the past. According to sources, White paid $10,000 for a stripper to dance for him and thereafter have sex with him.

The stripper filmed White without his consent. As a way of attempting to bury this story, Dana paid off the stripper’s boyfriend, who was extorting him at the time.

He was to say that he was wrong about the whole incident and that Dana was innocent.

In April 2020, White was confronted with a lawsuit as allegations of him bribing the stripper’s boyfriend for silence resurfaced.

Dana denied these accusations, and eventually, the lawsuit was deemed void on October 7th, 2020.

Dana’s mother wrote a book about her son, and in it, she alleges that her son is unfaithful to his wife, Anne White. She goes as far as describing her son as self-centered, arrogant, egotistical, and cruel.

Dana’s mother claims that Dana has had an affair with two separate ring girls and his brother’s wife.

Again, there has been no mention of Anne’s reaction to this matter. Despite all the allegations and controversies, Anne and Dana White are still together.

Social Media Activity.

Anne White has no social media presence whatsoever. Despite being a public figure, her husband does not share photos of his family on social media platforms.

Anne White’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Anne Stella White
Age 52
Date of Birth 16th January 1969
Place of Birth USA
Profession Celebrity wife
Net worth Under review
Husband Dana White
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Capricornus
Parents N/A

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