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Fedor Emelianenko Net Worth. His Spouse Oksana Emelianenko

Photo of Russian MMA fighter, Fedor Emelianenko.

Fedor Vladimirovich Emelianenko is a Russian professional mixed martial artist. Other than that, Fedor also dabbles in Joduka and Sambo fighting.

Presently, he fights in both the Bellator MMA and the Rizin Fighting Federation.

His interest in fighting stretches back to a very young age. A debut would follow in 2000 as he faced off against Japanese fighter Tsuyoshi Kosaka.

Publications all over the globe regard him as the best fighter of the 2000 era. This is unsurprising as he boasts a career record of 36 wins to 6 losses.

Here is everything we could gather about Fedor’s wife and his previous relationships.

Net worth and Source of Income.

Emelianenko attributes his wealth to the winnings he has accumulated from his fights.

With 46 matches under his belt, it is estimated that he brings home an average salary of $307,000 per match.

Photo of Fedor Emelianenko in the ring.

Fedor Emelianenko

Lest we forget, Fedor was also involved in politics for a while. Sources say that the average pay for the ‘deputy of the Belgorod Regional Duma’ is $60000 a year. Fedor held the post for five years, translating to $300,000 in total earnings.

As of 2020, Fedor Emelianenko’s net worth stands at $15 million. Unsurprisingly, he is regarded as one of the richest MMA fighters alive.

His Last Spouse Oksana Emelianenko.

Fedor is married to a Russian woman named Oksana Emelianenko. She and Fedor tied the knot back in 1999.

Their daughter Masha was born the very same year. It is reported that Fedor and his wife met while they were still in school.

The two would then rekindle their relationship at a camp that facilitated Fedor’s training.

Photo of Fedor Emelianenko and his current wife, Oksana Emelianenko.

Fedor Emelianenko with his wife, Oksana Emelianenko.

At the time, Oksana worked as a nurse and would tend to Fedor’s wounds after brutal training sessions. After seven years together, the couple decided to split up.

Their divorce was finalized in 2006. By all accounts, their separation was not amicable as Oksana accused Fedor of infidelity.

After living 7 years with his second wife and mistress, Fedor turned to religion. This change helped him reevaluate his wife, a decision that led to him remarrying Oksana in 2014.

Other Spouse.

With good looks and success, Fedor was quite the lady’s man. After divorcing his first wife, Oksana, he entered a romantic relationship with his longtime lover, Marina.

In 2007, the two even had a child, Vasilisa. A few years on, they were walking down the aisle.

Photo of Fedor Emelianenko and his current wife, Oksana Emelianenko and his second ex-wife, Marina.

Oksana Emelianenko with his ex-wife, Marina.

In July 2011, they had their second daughter Elizaveta. This marriage was short-lived, particularly as Fedor grew more religious.

He divorced Marina and went back to his first wife, Oksana.

Fedor Emelianenko’s Wiki bio and Facts.

Full name Fedor Vladimirovich Emelianenko
Age 44 years old
Date of Birth 28th September 1976
Place of Birth Rubizhne, Ukraine
Profession  mixed martial artist
Net worth $15 million
Wives Oksana Emelianenko, Marina
Kids 3
Nationality Russian
Ethnicity white
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents Vladimir Alexandrovich(father) and Olga Emelianenko(mother)

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