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Henry Cejudo Dating New Girlfriend after Amanda Dallago Chaves.

Photo of retired MMA fighter, Henry Cejudo.

Henry Carlos Cejudo is a 33-year-old former athlete who specialized in the field of Mixed Martial Arts. Read this to know Henry Cejudo’s new girlfriend after ending his relationship with his former girlfriend, Amanda Dallago Chaves.

He was particularly affiliated with the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). During his time with the promotion, Henry managed to clinch both the bantamweight and flyweight titles.

He is one of two athletes in the sports to defend his titles in two different divisions. However, Cejudo’s crowning glory would come with 2008’s Summer Olympics.

Photo of Henry Cejudo with Olympic Gold Medal.

Henry Cejudo, wearing his Olympic Gold Medal.

He managed to scoop up a gold medal during his event. The latest rumor to the surface is that Henry is dating a new girlfriend after splitting up with his ex, Amanda.

Who is Henry Cejudo’s New Mystery Girlfriend?

Since he broke up with Amanda, Henry has been linked with a host of different women. One such woman, he was reportedly linked to works as a nutrition expert at Fran’s Kitchen.

Rumors started flying after Henry shared a video of her on his official Instagram account.


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A post shared by Henry Cejudo (@henry_cejudo)

However, we suspect that this relationship might be more professional than romantic. By all accounts, Henry is still single.

You only need to look to an old interview where Cejudo revealed that he was looking for a long-term commitment and not a casual relationship.

He said that he wouldn’t date a woman unless he didn’t see himself spending the next 15-years with her. From this, we gather that Henry is quite the traditional man looking to settle down and start his own family.

A look at Cejudo’s Instagram page is enough to confirm that the only woman in Henry’s life at the moment is his 3-year old goddaughter, Gigi.

He recently posted a play full video of the two of them in Phoenix, Arizona. We don’t see Henry dating anytime soon, particularly with the COVID-19 restrictions in place.


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A post shared by Henry Cejudo (@henry_cejudo)

His relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Dallago Chaves.

Henry and Amanda Dallago reportedly started dating sometime last year, though this remains unsubstantiated.

Evidently, they kept things under wraps for quite a while and did not make any public appearances together.

Henry and former girlfriend Amanda’s relationship was not officially confirmed until Henry started sharing pictures of the two of them on Instagram early this year.

One such post came when Amanda shared a picture of her and her sister posing with two of Henry’s championship belts.

Amanda Dallago Chaves is a Brazilian-born law graduate, fitness enthusiast, contortionist, and occasional influencer.

Photo of Henry Cejudo and his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Dallago Chaves.

Henry Cejudo with his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Dallago Chaves.

Her Instagram page, for example, boasts an impressive following of 23.3K. We also learn that one of her favorite pastimes is going to the beach.

Additionally, Amanda is also a fan of boxing; she even took the time to pose with boxing legend Mike Tyson in one post.

On the 12th of September 2020, Henry took to his page to reveal that he was now single. When pressed for further details, he said that the two had gradually drifted apart and that their relationship isn’t what it used to be.

Cejudo also said that the relationship had soured quickly; it had gotten so bad that a few choice words were exchanged between them.

Henry added that he was losing a part of himself, which meant that Amanda’s relationship could no longer be considered healthy.

The small arguments they had gradually devolved into larger arguments they could no longer ignore. Consequently, there was no other choice but to split up.

He also dated a soap opera actress Sandra.

In 2019, Henry was photographed with a beautiful woman while the pair of them was on vacation in Mexico.

The two of them could be seen walking hand in hand, and at one point, even kissing. She was later identified as Sandra, a model and actress from Brazil.

Henry’s former Brazilian girlfriend Sandra is known for her work on several reputable soap operas back in Brazil. When quizzed about the woman, Henry said that the two of them were not an item.

At the time, Henry was enjoying being single. Unfortunately, this was a short-lived affair that did not go the distance. Cejudo would later go on to date Amanda. As of 2021, Henry’s net worth is $2 million.

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