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Jon Jones (MMA Fighters) Net Worth 2021.

Photo of one of the richest MMA fighter, Jon Jones.

Dwight Jonathan Jones is an American-born mixed martial artist from Rochester, New York. He possesses a mixed bag of styles, which he uses to conquer his opponents. These range from Muay Thai, striking, to even wrestling, which is the most recognized.

He is also a two-time undisputed champion in his division, an envious position for most athletes on his level. Jones is regarded as one of the most decorated players in his division.

This stems from only losing only one match in his career. Find out more interesting facts about Jones in this review.

Who is Jon Jones?

Jonathan Dwight Jones is an MMA fighter presently affiliated with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, fighting in the light heavyweight division.

He started competing in high school, earning a state championship while at Union-Endicott High in New York. His slight frame earned him the moniker ‘bones’, a nickname that tarries to this day.

While studying for a degree in Criminal justice, Jon won the National Championship at Iowa central college in 2006.

Despite enjoying significant success in college, he would drop out of school to join the MMA.


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In March 2011, after defeating Mauricio Rua, Jones officially became the youngest UFC champion. Jon’s career records stand at 26 won matches and only 1 loss.

He has undeniably earned his place in the MMA record books as one of the most entertaining fighters in the sport.

Jon Jones Net Worth: $10 Million.

Jon Jones is currently regarded as one of the richest MMA fighters alive. He mainly derives his income from his impressive UFC fights. On his debut fight, he reportedly earned a $50,000 payout.

Later, he would participate in three main cards, earning $120000 in the two matches he dominated and $35000 during his only career defeat.

Since then, Jones has earned $500,000 in every match, regardless of the results.

Additionally, he owns two houses worth $3 million together. In 2017 Jons sold his home in Ithaca for a listed price of $750000.

Currently, Jon Jones net worth is $10 million.

His relationship with his wife, Jessie Moses.

Jessy Moses is Jon’s wife and partner. He proposed to her after dating for several years. The two have three beautiful daughters together; Carmen, Leah, and Olivia Haven.

Photo of Jon Jones and his wife, Jessie Moses.

Jon Jones with his wife, Jessie Moses.

Leah, their firstborn daughter, was born soon after Jon won his fourth career fight. Jesse and Jons met in high school and have been together ever since.

Photo of Jon Jones and his wife and daughters.

Jon Jones with his wife and daughters.

Height, weight measurements.

Jon jones outgrew his childhood nickname ‘bones.’ He now has a strong athletic build body, necessary to compete in the highest levels of MMA.

He weighs 205 pounds and has a height of 6 feet 3 inches. His body has become a standard to look up to for young up-and-coming MMA fighters.

Jon Jones’ Wiki-Facts.

Full name Dwight Jonathan Jones
Age 33 years old
Date of Birth July 19, 1987
Place of Birth Rochester, New York
Profession  professional mixed martial artist
Net worth $10 million
partner Jessie Moses.
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity black
Zodiac Sign cancer
Parents Camille and Arthur jones

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