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Max Holloway is engaged to Wife-to-be Alessa Quizon.

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Photo of MMA fighter, Max Holloway.

Jerome Max Keli’i Holloway is a 28-year-old professional mixed martial artist. On October 27th, 2020, he was ranked No. 8 in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) men’s pound-for-pound titles. Read this to know Max Holloway’s wife and relationship details.

Eventually, he would secure the No.1 position in the UFC Featherweight rankings. Max is an avid boxer in the UFC, Featherweight division.

He has had a total of 21 wins and 6 losses. Holloway has also participated in Lightweight matches. Here are a few more interesting facts regarding his net worth and fiancé.

Photo of Max Holloway.

Max Holloway is ranks #1 in UFC Featherweight.

Max Holloway’s Engagement to Alessa Quizon.

MMA fighter Max Holloway and pro-surfer Alessa Quizon began dating this year in February. Their relationship graduated to the next level after Max proposed to Alessa on the beach.

He announced the news on his Instagram and Twitter accounts on November 17th, 2020. The professional MMA fighter expressed his jade on the social media platforms plastering a heart emoticon next to his post.

Fans have been shipping the couple since the beginning of their engagement. While there are no marriage details yet, fans cannot wait for their forthcoming nuptials.

Before this, Alessa Quizon was engaged to Caio Ibelli, a Brazilian current-CT surfer. The proposal took place in a camper van at the Margaret River carpark. Alessa said ‘yes,’ completely swooned by the romantic gesture.

The engagement did not last, however, as Alessa began appearing in public without her ring. Suddenly Caio was nowhere to be seen. The two split up, creating a vacancy for Max Holloway in Alessa’s life.

Who is Max Holloway’s future wife Alessa Quizon?

Alessa Quizon is a Hawaiian native pro-surfer from Oahu. Alessa began surfing at the tender age of four years old. She was born in Makaha, HI, on January 2nd, 1994, and is currently 26 years old.

Quizon was tagged No.83 by the World Surf League. Additionally, she has also been ranked in the top fourteen ASP Women’s World Tour.


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Apart from these accomplishments, Max Holloway’s wife-t0-be worked as a member of the under seventeen Residency Program. Alessa did not stop there; she was also present in the 2007 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

During her University days (Indiana), Alessa was recruited to be a part of the All-Big Ten first team in her senior year.

Alessa has amassed more than 500,000 on her Instagram account. Her career accomplishments are an inspiration for every aspiring female writer out there.

Max Holloway was married to Kaimana Pa’aluhi.

Max Holloway and Kaimana Pa’aluhi were married between the years 2012 and 2014. The couple had a child, Rush Holloway.

Not much is known about how the couple met and sparked up a romantic relationship. After separating, Max and Kaimana eventually got divorced. The circumstances surrounding their divorce are still unknown.

Photo of Max Holloway and his ex-wife, Kaimana Pa'aluhi.

Max Holloway with his ex-wife, Kaimana Pa’aluhi.

Interestingly, rumors of Max dating Hawaiian models after the split surfaced soon after. Even though they are not together anymore, Kaimana and Max maintain a calm environment for Rush.

Who is Max Holloway’s ex-wife Kaimana Pa’aluhi?

Kaimana Pa’aluhi was born on November 14th, 1994, in Waianae, Hawaii. She began her modeling career when she was still a teenager. Her father, David Pa’aluhi, is a tattoo artist in Hawaii.

Photo of Max Holloway's ex-wife, Kaimana Pa'aluhi.

Max Holloway’s ex-wife, Kaimana Pa’aluhi.

Pa’aluhi currently resides in Honolulu. Her elder sister, Raquel Pa’aluhi Canuto, is a professional fighter and athlete; her brother-in-law, Renato Canuto, is a Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and World Champion. The couple runs an establishment known as ‘Checkmat.’

Max Holloway’s former wife Kaimana leads a private life, and therefore not much is known about her endeavors. What is clear, however, is her close relationship with her family and son, Rush Holloway. Presently, she is not dating anyone.

Max Holloway’s Net Worth.

At the very start of his career, Holloway reportedly earned $6000 for his very first match. This figure would gradually rise as he continued to add more fights under his belt. From the time he started fighting, Max has earned a total of $3,872,000.

His most profitable match came against Ortega during the UFC 231 Championship. Additionally, Holloway is a YouTuber with about 147,000 subscribers. His channel ‘Max Holloway’ acts as another source of revenue.

Lastly, Holloway has multiple endorsement deals with Reebok, Manscaped, and Budweiser, which are fairly lucrative. As such, Max Holloway’s net worth currently sits at $4 million.

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