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Paige VanZant Net Worth. Meet her husband Austin Vanderford.

Photo of MMA fighter and Instagram model, Paige VanZant.

Paige Michelle VanZant is a Female UFC fighter, writer, and model. She is famously known for her stellar career in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Over the years, she has become a household name achieving honors like ‘Fight of the Night’ and ‘Performance of the Night.’

In the ring, she has faced her fair share of ruthless opponents such as Amber Stautzenberger and Tecia Torres. Paige’s relentlessness has earned her respect from fans and fellow mixed martial artists.

Learn more about Paige VanZant’s Net Worth and Meet her husband Austin Vanderford in this review.

Who is Paige VanZant?

Paige Michelle VanZant is a pro fighter, author, and dancer from Dayton, Oregon. Her parents were owners of a dance studio where she picked up her art and refined it for thirteen years.

Photo of fighter and dancer, Paige VanZant.

Paige VanZant

She indulged in diverse styles ranging from ballet, jazz, and hip hop. Vanzant and her family would eventually relocate to Sparks, Nevada, where she began looking for dance studios.

Amidst her search, Paige stumbled on a UFC veteran’s gym by the name of Ken Shamrock.

This marked the beginning of her MMA career as she fully threw herself into training. Although this was new territory, Paige showed a lot of potentials. Therefore, it came as no surprise when she won her first noob fight at the age of eighteen.

In 2012, VanZant made her official MMA debut in Texas at the UFW’s ‘Tournament of Warriors’ finale, where she won against Jordan Nicole Gaza via a split decision. This victory was a peek of what the zealous fighter had to offer for years to come.

The UFC created a new division in 2013 known as the ‘Strawweight division.’ Paige was among the 11 women recruited for this program. Additionally, VanZant was featured on the television reality series, ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’

In 2014, however, she had to withdraw as a cast member because of her age. She was 20 years old, which did not meet the limited age bracket of 21. Paige exhibited her determination by continuing her training despite this bump on the road.

VanZant stepped into the limelight in 2014 when she defeated Kailin Curran in her UFC debut. Paige’s TKO move on the third round of the fight would be remembered throughout UFC history. VanZant amassed a colossal of fans after this match.

This opened up new career opportunities for her. Paige signed a sponsorship deal with Reebok in February 2015. This lucrative deal attracted criticisms from fellow fighters and the media as she had only had one match in the UFC.

Dana White, the UFC president, however, came to VanZant’s rescue claiming that Paige’s personality and ‘it’ factor had earned her that contract. Six years later, she has proven Dana White right with her remarkable MMA record.

Apart from her admirable MMA career, Paige has made several appearances on multiple shows.

In 2016, VanZant was a cast member of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ where she reached the finals, and her dancing partner, Mark Ballas. Paige’s success in the show was expected as the couple fell in second place with grown-up dancing.

Subsequently, VanZant appeared on a cooking show named ‘Chopped’ during a celebrity edition to showcased her cooking prowess. Furthermore, Paige dabbles as a model and has made a lush career out of it.

Paige happens to be a jack of all trades as she has written a book titled ‘Rise: Surviving the Fight of My Life.’ The book highlights how Paige overcame difficult life experiences like sexual abuse and bullying. The biography is meant to serve as inspiration for everyone who is fighting mental and physical battles.

In August 2020, VanZant signed a four-year contract that requires her to fight solely in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Her fans cannot wait to watch her dominate the ring with her exceptional skills.

Paige is tactile proof that one can become what they wish to be if they put their mind to it.

Paige VanZant Net Worth.

VanZant reportedly earns more from being an Instagram model than she does as an MMA fighter.

Paige has 2.5 million followers on her account, where she often markets companies like Stadium, MVMT watches, and health and beauty products, including TC1 Gel, Manscaped, and Sun Valley Science.


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Moreover, VanZant has a YouTube channel with about 25,000 subscribers. Additionally, Paige models sportswear and has been featured by notable Sportswear companies such as Nike, Columbia, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuits.

Sources say that Paige has earned $474,500 since the beginning of her fighting career. This figure is not inclusive of her pay-per-view bonuses. Her memorable UFC debut fight earned her $66,000.

Additionally, VanZant was reportedly paid $40,000 to make an appearance in her last five fights. According to sources, her monthly salary from fighting and writing is $70,000.

Paige’s endorsement deal with Reebok came to an end in 2019. She earned handsomely from this each time she stepped into the ring.

In conclusion, Paige VanZant’s net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million.

She is married to her husband, Austin Vanderford.

It is not easy to find a partner who understands your career, but lucky for Paige, Austin Vanderson, a fellow MMA fighter, came along in 2017.

Paige and Austin got engaged in January 2018 after dating for a while. The couple got quietly married and posted pictures of the spectacular occasion on Twitter the following day.

Not much is known about their marriage, but it is evident that the couple is going steady in this territory, given their social media posts. They are yet to have a child.

Paige VanZant and husband Austin Vanderford has been in the spotlight several times. In September, Austin contracted the deadly coronavirus. Paige narrated the gloomy ordeal on her YouTube channel.

More recently, Paige publicly expressed her love for her husband on Instagram by sending a steamy message to him.

Who is Paige VanZant’s Husband Austin Vanderford?

Austin Vanderford, aka “The Gentleman,” is a professional mixed martial artist from Portland, Oregon, USA. The current Bellator fighter has an incredible career streak, as is reflected on his MMA record, which reports zero losses and ten wins so far.

Photo of Paige VanZant's husband, Austin Vanderford.

Paige VanZant’s husband, Austin Vanderford.

In 2015, Vanderford had his first amateur fight where he faced Eric McConico. Austin made his official debut in March 2017, where he won against Sol Renato in the first round via a TKO move. This gained him massive popularity.

Interestingly, his wife, Paige, used a similar tactic on his opponent during her first game. Austin has earned a name as an MMA fighter.

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