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Urijah Faber Net Worth, Wife, Age, Height.

Photo of former MMA fighter and actor, Urijah Faber

Urijah Christopher Faber is a mixed martial artist and actor. Faber holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, whose skills are on full display in his matches.

During his career, Faber has admirably obtained several awards: two-time ‘Submission of the Night’ and ‘Fight of the Night’ honorees.

Incredibly, Urijah has successfully defended his title in World Extreme Cagefighting five times. Moreover, he is the only Bantamweight contender in UFC to achieve six submissions from his opponents.

Additionally, Faber has starred in notable films such as ‘Rampage’ and ‘Reach Me.’ Discover intriguing facts about Urijah in this review.

Who Is Urijah Faber?

Urijah Faber is a professional American fighter from Isla Vista. From his unique name, you can probably deduce that Faber has traces of multiple ethnicities.

Photo of Urijah Faber in his last match.

Urijah Faber

Urijah made his official MMA debut in 2003. The Gladiator Challenge promotion event was his stepping stone, and the commendable fighter did not disappoint.

Urijah’s debut in the World Extreme Cagefighting could not have gone any better. His win against Cole Escovedo in March 2006 put him in the limelight.

That night he went home with the WEC Featherweight Championship. Additionally, Faber secured the Bantamweight Championship a while later. During this period, the sensational fighter acquired three titles at once.

For his first UFC fight, Urijah faced Eddie Wineland at UFC 128 and won via unanimous decision.

The fall of 2016 was clouded with devastating news. Urijah announced that his retirement would occur after his final bout, which was held in his hometown.

Faber emerged victorious via unanimous decision.

However, fans were doused with happiness when Urijah made an appearance at the Octagon after two and a half years of retirement. You would presume him rusty after being away from the ring a while, but this was not the case.

Faber completely dominated the match, beating Ricky Simon in the first round via TKO. This made him the second mixed martial artist to win a fight at the UFC after being inducted to the UFC Hall of Fame.

Other than this, Faber has had some screen time with him appearing in films such as ‘Kenny Powers: The K-Swiss’ and ‘Leverage.’ Urijah has, additionally, been featured in the documentary; ‘Cagefighter.’


How old is Urijah Faber?

Urijah Christopher Faber was born to Theo and Suzanne Faber on May 14th, 1979, making her 41-years-old. Fascinatingly, Urijah shares a birthdate with Mark Zuckerberg. The two men are undoubtedly destined for greatness as both are notable pioneers in their respective fields.

What is Urijah Faber’s Net Worth?

Urijah Faber has amassed a significant amount of wealth from fighting in multiple MMA categories over the years. His determination and fighting wit have increased his net worth over time. Similarly, students aiming for success in their academic careers can benefit from the assistance of a hausarbeit ghostwriter, much like fighters rely on their training and strategy to win. These ghostwriters can provide the necessary support in crafting academic works, potentially guiding students toward achieving excellence in their studies, mirroring the success of athletes like Urijah Faber.

Faber has ventured into several projects over the years. He is the founder of ‘Team Alpha Male,’ which is reputed for producing exceptional fighters such as Sage Northcutt, Chris Holdsworth, Darren Elkins, and Chad Mendez.

Currently, Urijah Faber’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Urijah Faber’s wife is Jaslyn Faber.

An uploaded photo of an intimate Jaslyn and Faber two years ago affirmed the rumors of their relationship. On Christmas Eve the same year, Faber announced that the two were having a baby.

Photo of Urijah Faber and his wife, Jaslyn Faber and their son.

Urijah Faber with his wife, Jaslyn Faber, and their son, Rome Christopher.

The following year, the lovebirds threw a snazzy baby shower and invited their loved ones.

Urijah’s social media pages are decorated with blissful pictures of his beautiful family. Although not much is known about their relationship, Jaslyn and Faber seem quite happy and content with themselves and their children.

A look at his Social Media Activity.

Urijah Faber uses Instagram as a medium for keeping in touch with his fans and has 1.1 million followers. Faber’s sense of humor is also on full display on the platform. Several creative posts will tickle your funny bone.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Urijah Faber (@urijahfaber)

Interestingly, Urijah is a fan of American football and chess.

Urijah does not fail to share moments in the ring with his fans. Here, you’ll find several pictures of training. Furthermore, there are also video compilations of his matches.

Faber gives a little bit of himself with each post. He reminds his fans that family is a vital part of who one is.

Height and Weight.

Urijah Faber is 1.68m (5 ft 6) tall and weighs 61 kg (135 lb).

Urijah Faber’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Urijah Christopher Faber
Age 41 years old
Date of Birth 14th May 1997
Place of Birth Isla Vista, California, USA
Profession Professional mixed martial artist, actor
Net worth $10 million
Wife Jaslyn Faber
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Dutch-Irish-English-Italian
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Parents Theo Faber, Suzanne Faber


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